What is Keg Jack?

KegJack is a specially designed electric hoist to enable a single person, no matter their size or strength, to lift a full keg of beer in order to stack it vertically on top of another.

KegJack saves you money! It allows 1 person to do the job that might have used 2 or more in the past. It means that you don't have to be big and muscular to organize the cooler and it reduces the chances for injuries from lifting 160 pound kegs.

KegJack allows you to keep your cooler neat, organized and efficient.

KegJack has a very small "foot print" to allow it to be used in almost ANY cooler and is battery operated.

With KegJack your employees will no longer "put off" stacking the kegs. Now you can keep up on cooler organization just as you do any other housekeeping chore!